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IBDAA Microfinance is a social business model as the result of a distinguished partnership between a responsible private sector and an Arab regional organization (AGFUND).

IBDAA is a non-banking financial institution that aims at empowering low-income people in Lebanon, especially youth, women and small entrepreneurs, to improve their productivity and enhance their economic integration opportunities through the provision of micro-loans, micro-insurance products and financial training services fulfilling their needs and contributing to their aspirations.



Mission & Objectives

IBDAA's mission is to provide low income people in Lebanon particularly women, youth and micro entrepreneurs with innovative and inclusive financial services that enhance their socio-economic conditions and help them achieve their goals.

IBDAA mainly targets productive women, micro/small businesses and the young entrepreneurs, while aiming to

Improving the socio-economic conditions of low-income people in Lebanon, especially youth, women and small entrepreneurs, by helping them to implement their projects and professional aspirations;
Providing technical support to customers and empowering them through capacity building programs.
Supporting marginalized communities through sustainable economic activities that are self-sufficient;
Mainstreaming the culture of financial inclusion through the microfinance portal in Lebanon as a means to stimulate economic and social integration through the launch of new projects that contribute to local development and promote sustainability;

Core Values

Commitment to providing services that reflect our credibility and ethical values by developing our financial and non-financial services to meet the needs and aspirations of individuals or small enterprises.

Adopting a fair and equitable mechanism, which reflects the integrity of our strategy and objectivity towards all customers, in terms of obtaining the loan; and dealing with obstacles in a professional manner.

Integrity in creating meaningful financial services with a social objective, aiming first and foremost, at providing improved loans that are commensurate with the needs and ability of Lebanese citizens to repay the loan.

Board of Directors


Senior Auditcommittee
Remuneration Committee
Senior Audit Committee
Senior Risk Committee
Corporate Governance Committee

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IBDAA Lebanon launched its operations through its first branch in Beirut, back in July 1st, 2012. After focusing on micro and small entrepreneurs as well as productive women.

IBDAA aims at reaching a big number of clients through partnerships and a network of branches all over the Lebanese territory and a diversified range of loan products, and non-financial services.