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“Sayidati” is a loan for women entrepreneurs to develop their small businesses or to help low-income employees to secure the purchase of productive assets or to cover meaningful expenses for the family.

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"Tahseen" is a loan dedicated to finance small and medium-sized entrepreneurs that have shown growth and stability in terms of the ability to show positive cash flows that allow repayment of the loan.

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Tatweer is a loan dedicated to the development of all small businesses (commercial, industrial, services…), regardless of whether they are household, mobile or independent.

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Shababi is a small loan aimed at fixed and mobile entrepreneurs

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Sanadi is a short-term loan to finance low-income male employees.

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“Mashrouii” is a loan aimed at young entrepreneurs (young men and women) who are looking to start a new business

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Micro-Insurance Mouzara

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IBDAA Lebanon launched its operations through its first branch in Beirut, back in July 1st, 2012. After focusing on micro and small entrepreneurs as well as productive women.

IBDAA aims at reaching a big number of clients through partnerships and a network of branches all over the Lebanese territory and a diversified range of loan products, and non-financial services.